I know these instructions are long but take your time. You may want to print this page for ease of installing.

PalTalk is a program where you can talk in realtime PC to PC, 1 on 1 or in conference to as many people as you wish any where in the world as long as they have downloaded the Program. Click Advantages for more information. To download PalTalk click

Voice Enabled
Anyone can speak who comes into your Room. It is up to you to limit your participants. Chat and Text.

Join by invite only.

Group is locked with a password.

Group Types


Complete Instructions For PalTalk
  1. NOTE: (Some features will only work with internet explorer 4.0 or Higher.)
  2. Download PalTalk by clicking PalTalk
  3. Click on "Download Now" and follow the instructions
  4. If you have trouble contact me at
  5. When the PalTalk dialog box opens up click on ADDPAL and Click.
  6. From the menu that opens Type Chaplain2 in the Nickname Box and click on Search.
  7. You will see my Information in the Main Box
  8. Click on Add Pal and you will see me added to your contact list.
  9. To familiarize yourself with PalTalk click on
    • File
    • Options
    • Help
    • Setup
    • Invite
    • Groups
  10. Go ahead and Experiment

Set Up PalTalk Browser

  1. Now that you have set up PalTalk you will have to add Names to your Contact List.
  2. Open up PalTalk
  3. You should see my name if you have added me to your Contact List.
  4. Click on my name and I will be notified you are calling.
  5. If I am online you will see a Phone Off The Hook Icon next to my name.
  6. Begin to chat.
  7. If I am not online you will see a notification.


  1. Open up PalTalk
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Scroll down to Business and Finance and Double Click.
  4. From the Group List find HHM and Double Click on it. (Or High Light it and click on Join)
  5. You will now be in the HHM Chat Room.
  6. If you can't find Helping Hands Ministry we are not on line.
  7. To Create A Group - Follow these steps and don't worry. it's Simple:
    • At the Bottom of the Menu selectCreate
    • In the Box that opens Check Voice Enabled - Voice and Text
    • Type HHM in the Group Name.
    • Click on Create.
    • The HHM Chat Room will open.
    • If the Room is Locked enter 3322 in the Password Box.